Faith Hope Love Family Service Association (FHLFSA)

Faith Hope Love Family Service Association (FHLFSA) is a not for profit charity organization based in Hawassa, Ethiopia. The association is supporting orphan and vulnerable children, youth, economically challenged women and elders. The association is a registered faith based organization under Ethiopian law for charity organizations with license number 1038.

Partners of FHLFSA

• Hawassa City Administrative Council

• Addis Ketema Sub-city

• Local Evangelical churches and Evangelical Churches Fellowship

Source of income

The association is the outcome of the efforts made by a visionary girl and her family. The support from individuals and other organizations has enabled the association to overcome the challenges and serve in Ethiopia as a non-governmental organization. The following are organizations and individuals financially supporting the organization.


• Tukul project

• HarmenStrock

• RantanityRajia

• Active for Humans

• Life corps international

• Compassion in Action Foundation

• African Women’s Development Association

• Dorkas Sisters


• TaunoOlavi

• Ralph Papest

• Ayele Demsissie

• Getiye Tilahun

• Others


The vision of FHLFA is to see healthy, socially, economically, and psychologically empowered women and youth that contributes to the country transformation


To address basic rights of women, children, youth and elderly their families through IEC and advocacy, supporting education of children and youth, improving the quality of life of the women and their dependents, elders in their day to day life, and addressing the issues of sanitation and personal hygiene, family planning and reproductive health and prevention of HIV/AIDs and other related diseases.


Love, loyalty, accountability, transparency, gender sensitivity, equity, dignity, fairness, unity and solidarity.

Background History of the Organization

Faith Hope Love Family Service Association is the outcome of a 16 years old visionary girl AiriTuomi (Now she is 70) and her parents Mr. Aulis Tuomi and Mrs. HelmiToumi.Airi dreamed to open a home for children who lost both or one of their parents and want family. She didn’t want to follow the dream her parents have for her. Instead she wanted to follow the call of her heart. Soon after Airi talked to her parents and they said “NO!”, miraculously a family in USA sent her a donation through the mission office of her parents. Her parents decided to cooperate with and support her dream to come to be true. Airi’s father built the house with the support from the local people and they accepted the first 280 children to the house. The children’s home was called Morning Star Children’s Home. She preferred it to be called children’s home instead of orphanage. Airi was 16 years old when Morning Star Children’s Home starts functioning.

The vision of the girl, Airi, was shared with her father and mother. The father and mother of Airi were parenting the children (feeding, teaching and guiding) on top of their daily missionary work. They were also active in the community. Airi’s father trains the prisoners of local prison in woodwork and agriculture. Airi’s mother also trains women from the locality in food preparation and embroidery. Thehome enrolled children who lost one or both parents first in Holeta, then after three years it moved to Hawassa. Morning Star Children’s Home hosted 300 children.

Airi followed her vision and paid all the sacrifices a visionary person could pay. She started work at 16 years of age. At the beginning she was the one responsible in taking care of cleaning of the dormitories and clothing’s. Later she was involved in administering and managing the orphanage. She fluently speaks the local languages,Amharic and Oromefaa. She never went to college or got married though the opportunities were plenty. She endured the hardship in Ethiopia with the changes in government and also shortage of finances. She has lost both of her parents before 28 years. She is not recognized by her birth country, Finland, and therefore cannot enjoy the benefits as a citizen since she spent almost all her life outside the country. Ethiopia is home for her. How could she leave the country where she followed her dream for the poor and also a country where her parents served, died and buried?

Faith Hope and Love Family Service Association is the current name for the organization Airi is running. The children’s home was adjusted to faith based organization to fit into the changes in the charity and funding policy of the country. With all the challenges she is having, she is still striving to serve the disadvantaged community. She has lived and living her dream for the poor, disadvantaged groups who are not related with blood or class and set example for all. The saying “…It is enough to be human to help humankind” might express her act of love. Here we should recognize and appreciate her parents for allowing and helping her to follow her dream though the dream they have for her was not that.This is how the Faith Hope Love family Service Association was found and it became shield for many.